PTSD can be a debilitating and deadly disorder. Those who have experienced traumatic events know, that some things can not be unseen and the horrific experience colors the rest of our lives.  

"I just want to see trees" is an award finalist in Health: Psychology/Mental Health and in History: Military.

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International Book Award Finalist!!!!

Article on both Marc and Sonja Raciti​

Powerful article on Marc Raciti's struggles with getting help for PTSD

Here is the audio of Sonja Raciti telling the story of Douglas, our PTSD service dog at Arizona story tellers night


Excerpt from book: ​

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​Marc & Sonja Raciti

  • Any thoughts of suicide/homicide

  • Intentionally hurting yourself or others

  • giving away prized possessions 

  • increased drug or alcohol use

  • increased depression or anxiety

  • isolating from friends/loved ones

  • significant change in work performance

I just want to see trees

Here are some of the warning signs to indicate you or a loved one needs help 

  • recurrent nightmares or night terrors

  • not being able to sleep more days than not
  • no longer finding pleasure in life

  • ​in an abusive relationship (physically, mentally, emotionally, sexually)


is available for purchase via Amazon and Kindle, and Audible. 

I just want to see trees tells the courageous story of Marc Raciti's fight against PTSD.  It starts off with him seeing trees as a means to hang himself and looks at the impact deployments had on him and his family...

Our Mission

Healing Wounds is all about helping others to heal from invisible wounds of the soul. Our goal is to help those that are lost and are in a dark space see light and know that there is hope and forgiveness around the corner. We have events throughout the year in the Phoenix area to help build awareness for PTSD. 

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder - PTSD